Sunday, October 2, 2011

Happy 19th Birthday, Girlies!

Last Thursday, the girls made 19! Can you believe it? I can't! Lisa made them the perfect cake again this year, and we celebrated with a little taco salad party at our house ~ Love you, girls! Many, many more!

Can't Get Right~

Years ago, there was some crazy movie, and in it was this character named "Can't Get Right". Over the years, we've often revised his name for various occasions/people for various reasons. Well, for the last 3 weeks and counting, I, dear friends, "can't get right". Since my simple little surgery, I just havn't been the same. I know, I know. You have to allow your body to heal. And that hasn't actually been all that bad. A lot of soreness, etc. But, nothing major after the first few days, or so. However, I've come to the conclusion that it has caused severe hormonal changes that have been more than a little difficult to live with for all parties involved. No one has come right out and said anything, but I get the general feeling I've been a little moody. The next day, I may be as bubbly and giggly as a high school cheerleader. The next, the Coke commercial may make me cry. And the days, it seems, upon days of gloomy depression. Feeling like I just couldn't get out of my own way, and didn't want to try.

Then, last Sunday, Wayne and I had been out in the boat all day, just riding, fishing and piddling away the day. I had been doing fine. I was inside getting a shower and cleaning up while he was outside cleaning the boat up. As I was unpacking the boat bag, I smelled my beach had to see if it needed washing, etc. WRONG MOVE. Apparently it had gotten in the way of the bait. I don't know, but the smell immediately tossed my cookies, and until today, exactly one week later, what I have been able to eat would have fit in that hat. And it seems that it's the smells that bother me the most. I've had other symptoms, etc. but the undaunting nausea has been a real butt kicker. I haven't been this sick for this long since I was first pregnant with the girls. Geez!

Now, I know what you're thinking, but it's NOT possible. Well, let me correct that by saying we've all read the Bible and impossible, I guess, isn't plausible, but at this house, I'm telling you it's impossible without His intervention.  But, after talking it over with some of the girls at work, that's exactly what it's been like. My body has been convinced I've been pregnant. LOL! Little does it know ~

I'm feeling much better this afternoon, and after a solid week of the nausea, am hoping that, at least, has passed, and I do feel a LOT more chipper. But, poor old Wayne has had to handle a lot. He even had to plan the girls birthday supper last week. I just couldn't make muster ~ Thanks, Hon! You're the best, and we will see the other side of this yet!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I'm here ~

Not much to allow, and don't feel like it anyway. Will catch up later ~

Friday, September 16, 2011

Update on me

Had my follow-up visit yesrerday with Dr Gerard, and all pathology came back benign. Yay! Seems my problems are being caused by endometriosis (sp?). At this point, we're waiting to see if things will return to normal on their own. If not, she'll medicate and see if they'll return to normal, etc. I have to go back in November for a repeat pap, and at that point I'm really gonna push for the hysterectomy. She's explained that if the meds dont work, that's the alternative. It would be a total, since the ovulation causes the pain/problems, so there's a possiblility I'd have to be on hormones (or be crazy). But, if you've got to take pills one way or the other, I'd rather take pills and not have to deal with a cycle. So...

The girls are headed to Athens with the Pearce's for their first GA game. Look out Athens! Wayne, Pepe and I are headed to Da's for the weekend. Am SO looking forward to that! So, catch ya'll on the flip ~

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Well, yeah...

Same stuff, different day around here. Mostly. Thankfully at the condo most every weekend still. Least till the night temps drop. NOT looking forward to that. What ever will we do with ourselves? Had a crows for Labor Day. The Howards stayed with us, and Jeremy. Met the Baxter's at St Catherine's. And had all over for a low country boil. The girls found a manatee at the beach that demanded human contact. It was super neat. He'd come up under their feet and want them to rub him. He'd float up to the surface, and when they touched him, he'd roll onto his belly for them to rub him. They were thrilled!

Michael, Lisa, Da & Syb came over in Sapelo Sally. The had a little delay and the weather was trying to poo up, so they headed back rather quickly (well, with a stop at Barbour to see Misti's baby). Hope they'll come back soon so we can take them around to Belvedere to Pandy's house. I'm really looking foward to getting to see Pandy's house... LOL!

Wayne's in push mode again (not that he really comes out) about building the house. I REALLY want it, too, but it's SO scary! Especially since my salary keeps going down, down, down. Health insurance is going up another 20% in January, they say ~

I'm home today, drinking the dreaded "clean out" stuff. Having a little surgery in the am. A D&C with hysterscopy and laprascopy. Other than the D&C, it's exploratory. Wayne's not happy. He doesn't understand why my dr won't just do a hyterectomy. She's very holistic, and considers that a last resort. But, things haven't been good for a long time, and if this isn't the answer, and she won't talk about it, I'm probably on the hunt for another OB/GYN. After 26 years with the same one, I'm sure it'll be a shocker. Anyway, it's gonna be a "crappy" day around here. LOL!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


It's getting that time of year! As Da says, "they've got the red traveling pants on"! We made our first trip into the sounds for the "big uns", and in just a little while picked us up 4 pounds or so. Enough for a REALLY good supper after we got back from Da's for our visit Saturday~

Sunday found us back at old faithful... St Caterine's. Jessica has a new friend who's been coming around. Not sure of an official status, but things sound hopeful ~ LOL! Anyway, Trey stays at his grandpa's at Half Moon a good bit of the time, and has his own little Whaler. So, he made the treck all the way to the southern tip of St Cat's to spend some time with us. It's nice getting to know him, and was really impressive to the pops that he could run a boat and navigate himself so well.

Before Trey's arrival, I had some old stale bread and buns to toss, so what better time, right? WRONG! It was just like a scene out of "The Birds"! LOL! But, fun nonetheless! Can't wait for our next trip out ~ Hopefully this next trip will bring in some Baxter's and Harris', and maybe even some Pearce's and Howard's. Holiday weekend and all ~

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Go Braves!

Wayne and the girls attended their first Braves game Sunday, thanks to and going with the Pearces (Matt, Jacob & Shelby. Pooh gave up her ticket for Wayne). I think a good time was had by all ~

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Vaca - Day 10 - Mon, Aug 8

Last day. So sad. Had an appointment at Dr Cobb's for some bloodwork, so Wayne and I headed out early, got a little Hardee's breakfast along the way. We are so sad... if there is a Hardee's within driving distance, we're on it!

Anyway, on the way home, I told Wayne I'd like to go to Statesboro. I still had my birthday gift card from Hobby Lobby (Ahhhhh ~ heaven's open. LOL!) And, Wayne had been wanting to hit Alltel and maybe get him a personal cell phone. That state Southern Linc stinks! So, off we went ~ very productive day. Got the rest of the stuff I wanted to finish decor-ing my living room. Wayne got his phone, and we hit Chick-fil-A to finish off the vacation ~

Lord, it sucked to go back to work on Tuesday!

Vaca - Day 9 - Sun, Aug 7

A wonderful day at St Catherine's with the Baxter's and Roy, Jr and crew. Roy had called on Saturday while we were at Da's, but we forgot to call him back until Sunday morning. He, his girlfriend and her 2 girls were coming down and wanted to meet up with us at the beach. It was nice meeting the girlfriend, and her 2 girls are DOLLS! Hope we get to see more of them in the weekends to come ~

They pulled out kinda early, but the Mobleys and Baxters held tight. The wind was so strong, and the surf was "narly" LOL! We'd lost our good anchor at the quarantine station Wednesday, so had only the old navy anchor, and it wasn't holding. At one point, Wayne was actually standing on the anchor holding the boat trying to keep it from beaching. No luck! We ended up pulling behind the beach in the creek and still ended up tying to David's boat. Gotta get to West Marine and get a new one before the weekend!

We decided to head on back to Glennville a day early. Needing to prepare ourselves for the week to come ~ So sad to leave!

Vaca - Day 8 - Sat, Aug 6

It was just too unmercifully hot, and hadn't been to see my daddy all week. So, we collected the Baxter clan and set out on a day trip for Sapelo. We had such a wonderful visit! Da and Grandma are doing okay, it seems. I worry about them both so much. Syb and her blood sugar, etc. Daddy seems to be having more of those "spells". But, his pacemaker kicks in and keeps him going. Can't say this is a good thing, excactly. Wish there were just no spells at all. His hip is killing him at present. But, hard head won't even talk about going to the doctor. Says he knows they'll just tell him he's old and his hip is gone and needs replacement, and he's just not willing to talk about that. Love my Da, and just want him happy, so I don't push.

We had decided upon our return to Gould's, we were all gonna hit the Buccaneer Club we thought. Well, on the way home, we ran into 4 guys on jet skis who stopped us asking where they could by gas. They were trying to get to Thunderbolt. Yeah, you read that right. Thunderbolt! Don't know where they had put in, but they had exhausted their on-board fuel, and were getting low in the extra tanks they'd packed. Now, this was about 10 minutes to 6pm on at Saturday night, and we were floating just out from the quarantine station, Blackbeard Island, Sapelo Sound. Closest gas? 20 minutes to Shellman. Reckon Ronnie & Gay-bo will be staying late? NO! LOL! Well, one of the guys had a smart-phone (smartest thing in the crowd, ask me), so he pulled up Shellman Marina, called and told them the story and they agreed to wait on them to get there. So, we lead them in to Shellman and wished them luck. I've gotta get with Ronnie and find out if they stayed the night, or filled up and tried to make it in the dark... Will try to give an update when I find out.

Anyway, in the midst of all that hoo-ha, Brother Dave decided it was going to be too late for him to go to the Buccaneer, so we kinda dogged it off. But, after we hit Gould's, the phone rings, plans commence with the baths (LOL!) and we were at the Bucc before 8:30. It was delish! And enjoyed the company so very much!