Thursday, September 8, 2011

Well, yeah...

Same stuff, different day around here. Mostly. Thankfully at the condo most every weekend still. Least till the night temps drop. NOT looking forward to that. What ever will we do with ourselves? Had a crows for Labor Day. The Howards stayed with us, and Jeremy. Met the Baxter's at St Catherine's. And had all over for a low country boil. The girls found a manatee at the beach that demanded human contact. It was super neat. He'd come up under their feet and want them to rub him. He'd float up to the surface, and when they touched him, he'd roll onto his belly for them to rub him. They were thrilled!

Michael, Lisa, Da & Syb came over in Sapelo Sally. The had a little delay and the weather was trying to poo up, so they headed back rather quickly (well, with a stop at Barbour to see Misti's baby). Hope they'll come back soon so we can take them around to Belvedere to Pandy's house. I'm really looking foward to getting to see Pandy's house... LOL!

Wayne's in push mode again (not that he really comes out) about building the house. I REALLY want it, too, but it's SO scary! Especially since my salary keeps going down, down, down. Health insurance is going up another 20% in January, they say ~

I'm home today, drinking the dreaded "clean out" stuff. Having a little surgery in the am. A D&C with hysterscopy and laprascopy. Other than the D&C, it's exploratory. Wayne's not happy. He doesn't understand why my dr won't just do a hyterectomy. She's very holistic, and considers that a last resort. But, things haven't been good for a long time, and if this isn't the answer, and she won't talk about it, I'm probably on the hunt for another OB/GYN. After 26 years with the same one, I'm sure it'll be a shocker. Anyway, it's gonna be a "crappy" day around here. LOL!

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