Friday, September 16, 2011

Update on me

Had my follow-up visit yesrerday with Dr Gerard, and all pathology came back benign. Yay! Seems my problems are being caused by endometriosis (sp?). At this point, we're waiting to see if things will return to normal on their own. If not, she'll medicate and see if they'll return to normal, etc. I have to go back in November for a repeat pap, and at that point I'm really gonna push for the hysterectomy. She's explained that if the meds dont work, that's the alternative. It would be a total, since the ovulation causes the pain/problems, so there's a possiblility I'd have to be on hormones (or be crazy). But, if you've got to take pills one way or the other, I'd rather take pills and not have to deal with a cycle. So...

The girls are headed to Athens with the Pearce's for their first GA game. Look out Athens! Wayne, Pepe and I are headed to Da's for the weekend. Am SO looking forward to that! So, catch ya'll on the flip ~

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