Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Vaca - Day 9 - Sun, Aug 7

A wonderful day at St Catherine's with the Baxter's and Roy, Jr and crew. Roy had called on Saturday while we were at Da's, but we forgot to call him back until Sunday morning. He, his girlfriend and her 2 girls were coming down and wanted to meet up with us at the beach. It was nice meeting the girlfriend, and her 2 girls are DOLLS! Hope we get to see more of them in the weekends to come ~

They pulled out kinda early, but the Mobleys and Baxters held tight. The wind was so strong, and the surf was "narly" LOL! We'd lost our good anchor at the quarantine station Wednesday, so had only the old navy anchor, and it wasn't holding. At one point, Wayne was actually standing on the anchor holding the boat trying to keep it from beaching. No luck! We ended up pulling behind the beach in the creek and still ended up tying to David's boat. Gotta get to West Marine and get a new one before the weekend!

We decided to head on back to Glennville a day early. Needing to prepare ourselves for the week to come ~ So sad to leave!

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