Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Vaca - Day 8 - Sat, Aug 6

It was just too unmercifully hot, and hadn't been to see my daddy all week. So, we collected the Baxter clan and set out on a day trip for Sapelo. We had such a wonderful visit! Da and Grandma are doing okay, it seems. I worry about them both so much. Syb and her blood sugar, etc. Daddy seems to be having more of those "spells". But, his pacemaker kicks in and keeps him going. Can't say this is a good thing, excactly. Wish there were just no spells at all. His hip is killing him at present. But, hard head won't even talk about going to the doctor. Says he knows they'll just tell him he's old and his hip is gone and needs replacement, and he's just not willing to talk about that. Love my Da, and just want him happy, so I don't push.

We had decided upon our return to Gould's, we were all gonna hit the Buccaneer Club we thought. Well, on the way home, we ran into 4 guys on jet skis who stopped us asking where they could by gas. They were trying to get to Thunderbolt. Yeah, you read that right. Thunderbolt! Don't know where they had put in, but they had exhausted their on-board fuel, and were getting low in the extra tanks they'd packed. Now, this was about 10 minutes to 6pm on at Saturday night, and we were floating just out from the quarantine station, Blackbeard Island, Sapelo Sound. Closest gas? 20 minutes to Shellman. Reckon Ronnie & Gay-bo will be staying late? NO! LOL! Well, one of the guys had a smart-phone (smartest thing in the crowd, ask me), so he pulled up Shellman Marina, called and told them the story and they agreed to wait on them to get there. So, we lead them in to Shellman and wished them luck. I've gotta get with Ronnie and find out if they stayed the night, or filled up and tried to make it in the dark... Will try to give an update when I find out.

Anyway, in the midst of all that hoo-ha, Brother Dave decided it was going to be too late for him to go to the Buccaneer, so we kinda dogged it off. But, after we hit Gould's, the phone rings, plans commence with the baths (LOL!) and we were at the Bucc before 8:30. It was delish! And enjoyed the company so very much!

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