Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Vaca - Day 7 - Fri, Aug 5

Florida bound, baby! Thanks to Carla Rush, we managed to get the girls tickets at Marineland to swim with the dolphins! I know, don't they do that every weekend? LOL! Well, not exactly like this ~ WHAT at experience!
And the end to end all ends.... Making out with a dolphin!
Whoa there, Megan. No tongue!
God's gracious creature ~ thanks, Cokie!
Oh, yeah. The girls are gonna kill me, but, LOL! Objects may seem larger through glass ~ LOL!

Hit the Santa Maria Restaurant (not our Santa Maria, of course) for another late lunch. The Santa Maria is actually on the water, not water front, at the Marina, old downtown St Augustine. What a beautiful area! We've already made plans for a girls trip back down there in the fall for some shopping!
Other than good food, the neat thing about Santa Maria is that the window sills are lined with "flaps", and the waiter brings you baskets of bread. Now, dummy me thought we were feeding birds... No. Catfish! By the bazillion!
While eating and enjoying the activies and view, it did bring on "wonder whose yacht's those are, and if they have sons/grandsons that are single?" LOL! My poor girls... they haven't got a chance with us! LOL!

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