Sunday, October 2, 2011

Can't Get Right~

Years ago, there was some crazy movie, and in it was this character named "Can't Get Right". Over the years, we've often revised his name for various occasions/people for various reasons. Well, for the last 3 weeks and counting, I, dear friends, "can't get right". Since my simple little surgery, I just havn't been the same. I know, I know. You have to allow your body to heal. And that hasn't actually been all that bad. A lot of soreness, etc. But, nothing major after the first few days, or so. However, I've come to the conclusion that it has caused severe hormonal changes that have been more than a little difficult to live with for all parties involved. No one has come right out and said anything, but I get the general feeling I've been a little moody. The next day, I may be as bubbly and giggly as a high school cheerleader. The next, the Coke commercial may make me cry. And the days, it seems, upon days of gloomy depression. Feeling like I just couldn't get out of my own way, and didn't want to try.

Then, last Sunday, Wayne and I had been out in the boat all day, just riding, fishing and piddling away the day. I had been doing fine. I was inside getting a shower and cleaning up while he was outside cleaning the boat up. As I was unpacking the boat bag, I smelled my beach had to see if it needed washing, etc. WRONG MOVE. Apparently it had gotten in the way of the bait. I don't know, but the smell immediately tossed my cookies, and until today, exactly one week later, what I have been able to eat would have fit in that hat. And it seems that it's the smells that bother me the most. I've had other symptoms, etc. but the undaunting nausea has been a real butt kicker. I haven't been this sick for this long since I was first pregnant with the girls. Geez!

Now, I know what you're thinking, but it's NOT possible. Well, let me correct that by saying we've all read the Bible and impossible, I guess, isn't plausible, but at this house, I'm telling you it's impossible without His intervention.  But, after talking it over with some of the girls at work, that's exactly what it's been like. My body has been convinced I've been pregnant. LOL! Little does it know ~

I'm feeling much better this afternoon, and after a solid week of the nausea, am hoping that, at least, has passed, and I do feel a LOT more chipper. But, poor old Wayne has had to handle a lot. He even had to plan the girls birthday supper last week. I just couldn't make muster ~ Thanks, Hon! You're the best, and we will see the other side of this yet!

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